May 6, 2015
by Kaebel JK Hashitani

GIRLFIEND – Digital Art Installation by the PANDER BROTHERS

Sequential Art Gallery presents “GIRLFIEND”, a new digital art installation by the PANDER BROTHERS. Join Portland’s sibling creative duo for a multimedia presentation of their creative process and behind-the-scenes look at their latest graphic novel, “Girlfiend”, and watch the creation of limited-edition prints by Jacob and Arnold Pander, screen-captured on the Cintiq digital tablet for projection that evening and available to purchase on the gallery walls. The brothers will also be on hand to sign copies of “Girlfiend” that will be available at the event! The exhibit opens this Thursday, May 7th, with the artist’s reception from 6pm to 10pm.

GF_17x11 WANTED_PanderBros

After a decade away from the comics medium to pursue film and media projects, Portland’s Pander Brothers return to their storytelling roots with the new turbo-charged vampire crime thriller, “Girlfiend”, from Dark Horse Comics—now in bookstores nationally. A meaty 280-pages, the graphic novel represents their first major comic book work since “Batman: City of Light” in 2004 and fourth graphic novel in a career that includes ten series and 15 stand-alone issues for such major publishers as Marvel, DC Comics, Image and Dark Horse Comics. Since its debut at the Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle last month, Girlfiend is being buzzed as their best work yet— quite a compliment considering their groundbreaking art in “Grendel: Devil’s Legacy”, terrifying “Exquisite Corpse” series and revolutionary epic “Triple X”.

During their hiatus from comics, the Pander Brothers have been making movies. “Selfless,” their 2009 psychological thriller about identity theft, premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con. Called “stylish, smart and compelling” by the Oregonian, the film took top honors, including “Best Feature” at the BendFilm Festival, and was nominated for the “Red Star” award sponsored by Heineken for “new visions” in filmmaking. Last fall, their 16-minute narrative, “Subtext,” told entirely through texting, debuted at the Palm Springs International ShortsFest. James Wegg of Rotten Tomatoes has written about “Subtext”: ‘The ever-inventive Pander Brothers have teamed up with cinematographer Kevin Pham, bringing to amusing life a love-triangle-in-progress employing text messages to drive the action and reaction towards a most indecent proposal.” Rarely idle, Jacob and Arnold can usually be found working on multiple projects simultaneously— from directing and producing music videos and commercials to penning scripts and raising financing. They get their best ideas, they say, during road trips together between Oregon and LA.

GIRLFIEND will be on display throughout the month of May, with gallery hours on Mondays from 2pm-6pm, Saturdays from 11am-5pm, and by appointment. The exhibit will close at the end of business on Saturday, May 30th.


April 1, 2015
by Kaebel JK Hashitani

Humble Beginnings, a retrospective exhibit by Matthew Clark

Sequential Art Gallery presents MATTHEW CLARK’S HUMBLE BEGINNINGS, a retrospective exhibit featuring a large selection of his earliest work in the comic book industry, and will be Clark’s seventh show with Sequential Art. The exhibit opens this Thursday, April 2nd, with the artist’s reception from 6pm to 10pm.

Matthew Clark Art

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS partially chronicles Clark’s path through the comic book industry since he started working as a professional artist in 1999. The collection includes original comic pages from DC, Marvel, and Image, and features widely recognized icons to indie characters with cult followings. Clark had recently rediscovered much of his earlier pages, and felt compelled to exhibit his evolution as an artist as he is preparing to launch a variety of new projects, including a Batman: Arkham Knights comic tie-in.

Clark is a native Oregonian, based in Portland since moving here from Eugene almost 20 years ago. He is a self-taught artist, always striving to evolve by adapting his style to better suit the stories he illustrates. He presently lives in the Everett Station Lofts, where he spends the bulk of his time drawing, catching up on podcasts, and taking Mass Effect breaks. You can see more of his work online at

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS will be on display throughout the month of April, with gallery hours on Mondays from 2pm-6pm, Saturdays from 11am-5pm, and by appointment. The exhibit will close at the end of business on Monday, April 27th.

March 4, 2015
by Kaebel JK Hashitani

Nightmerriment: Snapshot, by M.R. Hopkins

Sequential Art Gallery reopens for 2015 with “NIGHTMERRIMENT: SNAPSHOT”, a new soft-sculpture installation by M.R. Hopkins. The exhibit opens First Thursday, MARCH 5th with an opening reception from 6pm to 10pm.

Star Gazing

According to Hopkins, the monsters of NIGHTMERRIMENT: SHAPSHOT represent our fears, and act as our defenders. They warn that something is watching you, something is wrong, and to not look under the bed for fear of what lurks beneath. Each of Hopkins pieces in this series provides a snapshot into the life of one of his Nightmerriment creatures, giving the view a glimpse as to who they are, what they’re doing or what they’re feeling.

Portland-based Hopkins is a storyteller and world-builder. His imagination is filled with images of various creatures and places, and immediately begins to piece together the fragmented pictures in his head, all the while asking “What is this? Why is it here? What is it doing?” His search for meaning allows him to bridge the image to one another, until the details that make up the lives of his monstrous menagerie fall into place.

Hopkins has a Bachelor of Arts in theatre, with a preference for working behind the scenes to acting. His prop-work for theatre, film, and television productions include “Star Trek Into Darkness”, “Robocop” (2014), “Portlandia” (Season 3), “Grimm” (Seasons 1 & 2), and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies. He also created education puppet programs for Sesame Street Workshop.

“NIGHTMERRIMENT: SNAPSHOT” will be on display throughout the month of March, with gallery hours on Mondays from 2pm-6pm, Saturdays from 11am-5pm, and by appointment. The exhibit will close at the end of business on Monday, March 30th.